Construction Field, Project Management and Productivity Systems That Work!



Implement Construction Operational Systems and Strategies To Get Organized & In-Control Of Your Field and Project Management Systems and Processes.  

Learn How To Improve, Track & Control Project Management, Productivity, Supervision, Quality, Schedule, Costs and Safety While Delivering Consistent Results.

  1. Organize Your Field & Construction Project Management Systems, Strategies, Supervision, Processes, & Production.
  2. Develop Accountable and Responsible Managers and Supervisors, Systems, Scorecards, Meetings and Performance Standards.
  3. Get Your Construction Project Management Organized and In-Control To Deliver Expected Results.
  4. Deliver Consistent Field Productivity Without Cost Overruns, Call-Backs Or Punch-lists.
  5. Replace Yourself With Standard Project Management Systems, Procedures, Rules & Deadlines.!
  6. Improve Your Safety, Quality Workmanship & Construction Productivity!
  7. Stop Profit Margin Fade By Finishing Projects On-Time & Under-Budget.

Learn How To:

  1. Create and monitor standardized, written construction project management systems
  2. Implement a construction paperwork system for RFIs, shop drawings, change orders, pay requests & contracts
  3. Get everyone on your team focused on achieving the same construction project management results
  4. Streamline your field and project management systems and operations
  5. Make construction project managers, field superintendents and foreman accountable and responsible
  6. Let go and delegate decisions to your key supervisors
  7. Improve your field operations and make more construction profit

This Downloadable Online Video Construction Field, Project Management & Productivity Course Includes:

  • Five 1 hour Construction Operations, Field & Project Management courses to improve results.
  • George Hedley presenting in his easy to understand step by step style.
  • PowerPoint slides to make the educational concepts simple to implement.
  • Download this course to your computer to watch anytime.
  • Downloadable Workbook with lots of templates, examples & solutions.
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