Hardhat BizSchool Premier Package PLUS!


Everything you need to know to own, build, manage, run, operate and grow a successful profitable construction company. Regular Price – 5 Courses @ $199. Each $995.00 Discounted Price @ 40% OFF


Includes 5 BIZSCHOOL Courses # 1 thru 5 with over 25 Hours of Video Classes Downloadable to your iPad or Computer & 5 PDF Workbooks.

Course 1 – Get Your Construction Business To Work!

Course 2 – Nine Numbers Every Contractor Needs To Know To Always Make A Profit!

Course 3 – Grow Your Construction Business!

Course 4 – Construction Field, Project Management & Productivity Systems That Work!

PLUS   Course 5 – Leadership Training Course – How To Lead, Manage, Supervise & Coach A Winning Team – For Owners, Managers, Supervisors & Foreman!


This BIZ-BUILDER PREMIER PACKAGE – PLUS! – Downloadable Video Program Includes:

  • BIZSCHOOL Courses # 1 thru 5 with over 25 hours of classes, training and learning.
  • George Hedley presenting in his easy to understand clear step by step style.
  • PowerPoint slides to make the educational concepts simple to understand and implement.
  • Download these courses to your computer or iPad to watch anytime.
  • Downloadable PDF Workbooks with lots of templates, checklists, examples & solutions.
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