BIZ-Builder Blueprint Business Plan Template Package:

Contractors who have a written BIZ-PLAN Blueprint with a clear Vision, Mission,Targets, Goals, Core Values, Organizational Chart and Job Descriptions, are twice as successful and make 33% more than those who don’t. You must draft yours now! This template package includes the complete BIZ-PLAN template, worksheets and samples to draft a profitable future.

1.  5 year Strategic BIZ-BUILDER BLUEPRINT Business Plan

    • a. 5 Year BIZ-VISION, Mission, Motto, Purpose & Focus Templates
    • b. Core Values & Business Principles Template
    • c. BIZ-Strategy Goals & Plans
    • d. FIX-IT List – Areas For Improvement
    • e. Top BIZ-Priorities
    • f. Short-Term & Long-Term Improvement Goals & Plans
    • g. Systems Improvement Goals & Plans
    • h. Construction, Field, Estimating, Accounting, Talent & Sales Plans
    • i. Financial Plan – OH, Profit, Mark- Up, Margins & Sales
    • j. Sales, Business Development & Marketing Goals
    • k. Focus – Markets, Customers & Projects

2.  5 Year Financial Plan – OH, Profit, Mark- Up, Margins & Sales

    • a. Vision, Focus, Role, Mission, Core Values & Culture
    • b. Strategy, Priorities & Fix-It List

4.  Sample Construction Company BIZ-BUILDER BLUEPRINT Business Plan
5.  FIX-IT List Worksheet – Areas For Improvement
6.  Typical Construction Company ORG Chartsz
7.  Job & Position Descriptions Templates
8.  Company Job Schedule & Crew Manpower Tracking Template
9.  Sales Award & Gross Profit Tracking Template
10. Regular Company Meetings Agendas
11. BIZ-Success Tests
12. Personal Vision, Mission, Purpose & Goals Worksheets

Complete Package Price          $ 147

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