November 2-4, 2023

George Hedley’s Hands-on PROFIT IMPROVEMENT Workshop held in Chicago, November 2-4th.

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You’re Invited To Attend Our Upcoming

Accelerate & Improve Your Profits In A Changing Economy


Strategies To Accelerate & Double Your Bottom-Line

Move Your Construction Business To The Next Level


2.5 Day Live Interactive




    Designed For Commercial & Residential:

    • General Contractors
    • Subcontractors & Specialty Contractors
    • Civil Contractors
    • Public Works Contractors
    • Builders & Developers
    • Owners, Partners & Presidents
    • Executives, VPs & General Managers
    • Estimators, Controllers & PMs

    You’re Invited To Attend Our Upcoming

    1. You’ve been in business for a while but feel Stuck and not getting ahead.
    2. You continually have an Overwhelming Workload, low income & profit margins, an old-school business model, sporadic bidding strategy, lack of systems, inability to find responsible people, difficulty delegating or holding people accountable, and your stress is high & your enjoyment is low.
    3. You’re always Too Busy to implement systems, hold regular meetings or hire talent.
    4. You’re always Putting Out Fires and are spread too thin to get everything done.
    5. You continuously watch your boat, hunting rifle, motor home or golf clubs rust.
    6. You Don’t Have many investments or a retirement strategy.
    7. You’re tired of feeling guilty about Working Too Much and feeling disconnected from your family or friends…
    8. You don’t know What To Do or where to start to improve your situation and move your business to a higher level.

    Now What?

    Do You Need Positive Change & Improvement Moving Forward?

    Are You Worried About The Changing Economy?

    Are You Ready To Do Something About Your Bottomline Profit?

    Are You Ready For A Significant Boost in Your Business & Results?

    Will You Stop Settling For What You Currently Get & Achieve The Results You WANT!

    Boot Camp Presented By:


    Certified Professional Construction Business Coach
    Certified Speaking Professional
    Author of “Get Your Construction Business To Always Make A Profit
    Winner – “Construction Entreprenuer of the Year
    USA Business Coach of the Year by PRCA

    When You Attend The PROFIT-BUILDER Boot Camp You’ll Learn:

    When You Attend The PROFIT-BUILDER Boot Camp You’ll Learn

    The Essentials To Make the BIZ-BUILDER SYSTEM Work Quickly For You.

    Best Construction Business Practices and Proven Systems Through Hands-On Education, Training, Coaching, Examples, Exercises & Group Discussions.

    In Just A Few Days, You’ll Walk Away With:

    • Your complete Customized Step By Step 5 Year BIZ-BUILDER BLUEPRINT Business Plan.
    • Steps to LEVERAGE Your Time and effort so you make lots more and work far less!
    • Ideas to ATTRACT all the business you need without selling low price.
    • The ability to Move Quickly through your Roadblocks and same old ideas which hold you back from reaching your potential, goals and vision for your business and life.
    • A Stress-Free Business Structure which will improve your company, time commitment, bottom-line profits, customer development, project results, field productivity, talent development, freedom and life-balance.
    • Your ROLE Defined to do what you’re built to do (versus have to do) and be well paid for your efforts.

    Ready To Move Your Construction Business To A Higher Level!

    #1 Workshop For Contractors To:

      In Just A Few Days, You’ll Walk Away With:

       1. Implement Steps To Build A ‘Best In Class’ Construction Company

      2. Become an OWNER, rather than an underpaid, overworked, make-every-decision supervisor!

      3. Boost, Improve, Scale, Grow & Get Your BIZ To Work Without YOU Doing All The Work

      4. Delegate, let go, hold people accountable, and focus on your priorities!

      5. Always make a profit, know your numbers, track job costs & build wealth!

      6. Find loyal repeat customers that give you continuous profitable work!

      7. Build a great place to work that attracts and retains the best people!

      8. Build a strong management team accountable to run your company!

      9. Enjoy the benefits of owning an awesome business that works for you!


      Work Less, Make More & Move Your BIZ To A Higher Level

      You’ll Leave The Boot Camp With A Customized Action Plan:

      1.  5 Year BUSINESS PLAN – BIZ-BUILDER BLUEPRINT Business Plan

      • BIZ-VISION – Determine What You Want Your BIZ To Become In Next 5 Years
      • CORE VALUES – Select Your Core Values & Business Principles To Act As Your Guide
      • FIX-IT LIST – Identify Areas To FIX, Improve, Systemize, Standardize, Track & Enforce
      • TOP PRIORITIES       – Prioritize Your Top Priorities & Strategies To Achieve Results
      • TARGETS & GOALS – Draft Your Targets, Goals & 1 Year Plans To  Build A Better BIZ


      2. LASER-FOCUS – Focus On The Right Projects, Customers, Contracts, Bids, Expertise, Specialties & Niches


      3. YOUR ROLE          

      • Identify Your Primary ROLES, Top Responsibilities & Priorities To Maximize Business Results
      • Focus On Customer Relationships, Winning Profitable Work, Vision, Leadership & Innovation
      • Upgrade Your ROLE To Ongoing Improvement, Growth, Building Capacity & Talent Development
      • Hold People Accountable, Delegate, Let Go, Monitor & Enforce
      You’ll Leave The Boot Camp With A Customized Action Plan


      • Develop Your 5 Year Financial & Accounting Plan To Always Make A Profit
      • Implement A Sales, Overhead, Mark-Up, Job Cost, Scorecard & Profit Plan



      • Implement Construction Project Management & Field Systems, Strategies & Standards
      • Develop Scorecards To Improve Field Crew Production Performance



      • Implement Systems & Strategies To Get Organized & Produce Consistent Results
      • Identify, Develop, Monitor & Enforce Areas To FIX, Improve, Systemize, Standardize & Track
      You’ll Leave The Boot Camp With A Customized Action Plan


      • Draft A Winning Organizational Chart, Work-Flow Chart & Job Descriptions
      • Build A Strong Management Team Accountable To Run Your BIZ & Achieve Results
      • Implement A Standard Meeting Schedule
      • Develop A Talent Plan – Build Capacity, Recruit, Hire, Promote, Train, Coach & Mentor



      • Accurate Estimating – Implement A System to Guarantee Accurate Estimating & No Missed Items
      • Implement A Plan To Win High Margin Customers & Contracts
      • Draft A Pro-Active Marketing, Sales, Estimating, Customer & Project Attack Plan To Win Work

      9. INVESTMENT PLAN – Start An Investment, Passive Income & Wealth Building Program


      10. PERSONAL PLAN – Live Your On-Purpose & On-Target Balanced Life


      By Attending The Boot Camp Workshop You’ll:

      In Just A Few Days, You’ll Walk Away With:

      Learn To STOP

      1. Working Too Hard & Doing Too Much Of The Work Yourself
      2. Staying Stuck In The Same Place & Not Getting Ahead
      3. Spreading Yourself Too Thin & Running In Place
      4. Being The Hands-On Worker, Doer, Fixer, Project Manager Supervisor & Estimator
      5. Making Most Decisions For Your Team
      6. Organizing & Scheduling Your Crews
      7. Working Too Many Hours & Not Getting Ahead
      8. Not Making Enough Money For All Your Effort
      By Attending The Boot Camp Workshop You’ll

      Learn To START

      1. Getting Un-Stuck & Moving Your Business To A Higher Level Of Success
      2. Working Less & Making More
      3. Getting Your BIZ To Work Without YOU Doing All The Work
      4. Always Making A Bigger Bottom-Line Profit
      5. Upgrading Your ROLE To Leader & General Manager & Revenue Generator
      6. Holding People Accountable To Achieve Results, Delegating & Letting Go
      7. Promoting & Hiring The Right People Who Will Make Things Happen
      8. Enjoying The Benefits & Freedom Of Owning A Business That Works!
      9. Developing An Investment Wealth Business Program
      You’ll Leave The Boot Camp With A Customized Action Plan

      Re-Focus, Re-Build, Re-Energize, Accelerate & Improve Your Business

      Re-Design, Re-Organize, Re-Structure & Re-Systemize

      1. Draft your BIZ-BUILDER BLUEPRINT Strategic Business Action Plan
      2. Learn Proven Steps To Build A “Best In Class’ Business
      3. Build A Better Business That Delivers Consistent Bottomline Results
      4. Implement Systems & Strategies To Get Organized & In-Control
      5. Design Your Org Chart For Results & Growth
      6. Draft Your Construction Project Work-Flow Chart
      7. Build A Take-Charge Management Team Accountable For Results
      8. Develop Job Descriptions With Clear Responsibilities & Deadlines
      By Attending The Boot Camp Workshop You’ll

      Implement A Winning Estimating & Sales Strategy:

      1. Design Your Winning Estimating & Sales Plan
      2. Focus Your Attack On The Right Customers & Projects
      3. Win More High Margin Customers & Projects
      4. Improve Your Bid-Hit-Win Ratio
      5. Stop Chasing Low Margin & Low Bid Work To Win Work
      6. Set Your Company Apart From The Competition
      7. Build Loyal Customers & Generate Lots Of Referrals
      By Attending The Boot Camp Workshop You’ll 2

      Accelerate & Double Your Bottom-Line Profit

      1. Design Your 5 Year Financial Plan To Always Make A Profit
      2. Know & Track Your Numbers Weekly & Monthly
      3. Determine The Right Overhead, Profit & Mark-Up
      4. Develop Accurate Labor & Equipment Rates
      5. Calculate Accurate Estimates With No Missed Items
      6. Implement Field Job Cost Scorecards To Complete Jobs On-Budget
      7. Draft You Investment & Wealth Building Plan
      By Attending The Boot Camp Workshop You’ll 2

      Boot Camp Workshop Includes:

      1. Coaching, Training & Mentoring from George Hedley

      2. Detailed Boot Camp WORKBOOK

      3. Copy Of George’s Book – Value $40

      4. Pre-Boot Camp Reception, Lunch, Coffee & Refreshments @ Workshop – Value $150.

      5. Hardhat BIZ-BUILDER BUNDLE Template Package – Value $735.
      Over the last 40 years, George Hedley developed over 100 templates and tools he used to build his successful $50 million commercial construction company. Now he uses these templates and tools to help coach his construction BIZCOACH Clients. Most Templates & BIZ-Tools are working excel files plus some PDF worksheets and examples. These templates include examples, blank templates and checklists ready to use and customize for your company. These will help make everything so CLEAR and EASY for you,
      especially because George will walk you through the steps so you can apply them right away.

      By Attending The Boot Camp Workshop You’ll

      6. Live Coaching Sessions @ Boot Camp!
      A few opportunities are available to participate in 1 On 1 Coaching Sessions LIVE with George during the workshop. George is offering this chance for you to receive “hotseat” MENTORING from him. He’ll dig into your current condition, help you identify roadblocks, and then offer a WINNING STRATEGY for your business right on the spot. These are worth the price of admission! George will send a questionnaire before the workshop to see who wants to be coached during the workshop. Value – Perhaps Millions!

      7. One Year of E-Mail Follow-Up with George Hedley Value – $247.

      8. Boot Camp Zoom Follow-Up Group Session!
      A few weeks after the Boot Camp, George will hold a Zoom Group Follow-up Session for all attendees. Value – $297.

      You’ll Leave The Boot Camp With A Customized Action Plan


      • Pre-Boot Camp – 90 Minute Online BIZCOACH Zoom Session With George Hedley Only $ 297.
      • Pre-Boot Camp – 1 on 1 Onsite 90 Minute Meeting With George Hedley Wed. PM Only $ 397.
      • Hardhat BIZSCHOOL Premier Plus Package – Download 25 Hours of 5 Video Courses & Workbooks
      • Regular Price $597.00. Boot Camp Attendee DISCOUNT 50% Only $ 297. each
      By Attending The Boot Camp Workshop You’ll

       Post Boot Camp Options:

      • BIZ-BUILDER BIZCOACH SESSIONS – 6 Months Of 90 Minute Zoom Coaching Sessions With George Hedley

      Regular Price $767. / Month || Boot Camp Attendee – DISCOUNT 25% Only $ 577. / Month

      • BIZ-BOOSTER FAST-TRACK PROGRAM – Monthly 2 Hour Zoom Mastermind BIZCOACH Group

      Regular Price $477. / Month || Boot Camp Attendee – DISCOUNT 35% Only $ 297. / Month


      By Attending The Boot Camp Workshop You’ll
      By Attending The Boot Camp Workshop You’ll

      STOP Postponing Your Future!

      • It’s time to stop doing what you’ve always done, and hope different results magically happen.
      • You can’t wait forever for the right time, which never comes.
      • What are you waiting for? Your future is slowly slipping away.
      • So, it’s time to decide to build a better business & get your life in balance with your vision
      By Attending The Boot Camp Workshop You’ll

      Ready To Reserve Your Spot? Or Do You Still Have A Few Questions?

      1. George, I’m swamped and super busy. I have to keep my construction company moving forward and my people need me to help them every day. Therefore, it’s not easy for me to attend a live event. Is it really worth the time to not be at my office for a few days?

      Answer: DUH! – You know my answer is a big YES! Your question is an obvious reason why you MUST attend!

      You’re running your business by BEING the business. I’m sure you make all the decisions; tell everyone what to do all day; don’t have a strong team or clear organizational chart, job descriptions, written systems, a business plan, or updated job costs. And, I’m also sure you want more out of life than to be the business and work all day every day!

      I’ve helped hundreds of contractors who were stuck like you, and now own very successful and highly profitable organized companies. It all started for them with this boot camp, plus some post event coaching with me.

      Attending this workshop will give you a jumpstart to get your company on the right track. And you’ll leave with
      a plan to double your sales and profit faster than trying to continue to improve and run your business alone.

      By Attending The Boot Camp Workshop You’ll

      See the testimonials below from some of my clients:

      By Attending The Boot Camp Workshop You’ll

      “I give credit to George as my business coach. Attending a Boot Camp and then hiring him was the single most important business decision I’ve ever made. Having his knowledge to help guide me and his ability to hold me accountable to make positive changes is a priceless asset which I regularly utilize and has helped us grow nearly 1,000% since starting to work with him 8 years ago.”

      Andrew Jackson – President – TCE Construction LLC – Windsor, CO

      “Forget the stock market, invest in your biz and have George help you! Attend a Boot Camp and start an ongoing coaching program with him. Over 400% increase in revenue and profits over the past 10 years thanks to George as our business coach and joining a Hardhat BIZGROUP peer mastermind.”

      Jim Didas – President – Range & Civil Construction – Junction City, KS

      By Attending The Boot Camp Workshop You’ll
      By Attending The Boot Camp Workshop You’ll

      “Forget the stock market, invest in your biz and have George help you! Attend a Boot Camp and start an ongoing coaching program with him. Over 400% increase in revenue and profits over the past 10 years thanks to George as our business coach and joining a Hardhat BIZGROUP peer mastermind.”

      Jim Didas – President – Range & Civil Construction – Junction City, KS

      By Attending The Boot Camp Workshop You’ll

      “Working with George has helped me grow into a business owner instead of a project manager, estimator, controller, and everything else. I’ve hired a team and now focus on feeding and generating more business and profits. Thanks to George, my life is more enjoyable, and I now have more time to fish.”

      Jeff Farr – President – Farr Construction – Sparks, NV

      True Or False? – We Are A “Best In Class” Contractor?

      By Attending The Boot Camp Workshop You’ll
      • We Have A Winning Strategic BIZ-Plan, Vision, Mission, Values & Strategy.
      • We Achieve Great RESULTS – Grow & Produce High Margin Sales & Profits.
      • We Grow At Least 15% to 25% Per Year With Net Profits From 5% To 10%.
      • As The President, I Lead and Manage The Company Versus Do The Work.
      • We Know & Track NUMBERS – Updated Financials & Job Cost Scorecards.
      • We Produce Accurate ESTIMATES & Job PROFITS Without Margin Fade.
      • We Develop, Maintain & Win High Margin CUSTOMERS & Contracts.
      • We Attract, Recruit, Retain, Develop, Coach, Build & Have Great TALENT.
      • We Have A Strong Take-Charge Accountable MANAGEMENT TEAM.
      • We Maintain & Enforce Strategy, Structure & SYSTEMS.
      • We Innovate, Improve, Lead, Scale & Disrupt Status Quo.
      • We Maintain Cutting Edge TECHNOLOGY, Methods & Techniques.

      RESULTS – More Than 3 False Answers? – You Must Attend Our Boot Camp

      What ATTENDEES Said After Attending A BIZ-BUILDER Boot Camp

      “Things are going great and have begun to re-organize our company with a new vision formed at the Boot Camp. It is no exaggeration to say that the time I spent at your program has changed my life. I have a whole new way of looking at things both professionally and personally. I am grateful I had the opportunity to attend, and I’ll tell everyone what a great experience it was. Thanks.”

      – Jerry Vander, Owner, Vander Brothers Construction, OH

      “Thanks for opening my eyes. It is like a whole new world out there! It’s amazing what this has already done for me in just a few days. A huge thanks.”

      – Mike Frick, Owner, Dirt-N-Iron, Loma, CO

      “Thanks so much for an excellent workshop. You hit the ground running and never let up. I’m jazzed and we have implemented an aggressive plan of action. We enjoyed learning and sharing with you!”

      – David Shields, Owners, Shields Construction, GA

      “There are very few individuals, books, or programs that have made a significant impact on my life. But, my participation in your Boot Camp was eye-opening. Your dedication to helping others traverse the monumental pitfalls of owning and operating a construction company is inspiring. Thanks 1,000 times!”

      – G. Miller, Owner, Sealtight Solutions, FL

      “I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed last week’s Boot Camp. My money was well spent, and you provided lots for us to use. The rest is up to me. It is obvious you truly care about helping people and communicating what works. Thanks again for your help.

      – Barry Zepp, Owner, Superior Contractors, Ball, PA

      “I am now delegating more. I shifted my day-to-day activities to my 2nd in command allowing me to develop a better customer contact system. I now have my
      Construction manager implementing targets and goals for the field superintendents. This was a great program! I am truly grateful for your help and direction.”

      – Gary Harris, Owner, Great Lakes Builders, WI

      By Attending The Boot Camp Workshop You’ll

      Meet Your Boot Camp Facilitator & Presenter

      By Attending The Boot Camp Workshop You’ll
      • Certified Professional Construction Business Coach – By PBCA
      • Certified Speaking Professional – By National Speakers Association
      • Author Of “Get Your Construction Business To Always Make A Profit!”
      • Winner – “Construction Entrepreneur Of The Year”
      • Named USA Business Coach Of The Year by PBCA

      George Hedley founded & built his commercial construction company from $0 to $50 million dollars
      in only 7 years! As recognition, EY named him construction “Entrepreneur of the Year.

      His expertise is based on his track record owning, building and managing a successful construction
      company & real estate development business. He served as President of 3 industry associations
      and is the author of:

      • Get Your Construction Business To Always Make A Profit!
      • The BIZ-BUILDER BLUEPRINT Action Plan!
      • HardhatBIZSCHOOL.com Online University For Contractors.


      By Attending The Boot Camp Workshop You’ll

      George owns HARDHAT Presentations and presents speeches and workshops to companies
      & associations. His BIZ-BUILDER Programs include Building Profits & Wealth, Winning Contracts
      & Customers, Developing Leaders, Improving Productivity & Moving Your BIZ To A Higher Level!

      George operates Hardhat BIZCOACH as a Certified Professional Business Coach
      and was named “Coach of the Year” by the Professional Business Coaches Alliance.
      His Hardhat BIZCOACH program is a step-by-step system to help contractors build
      “Best In Class” companies, get organized, achieve results, grow & make more profit.
      George holds BIZ-BUILDER Boot Camps for attendees and is available to facilitate
      your Strategic Planning retreat. He also runs and facilitates ongoing construction
      business owner mastermind Hardhat BIZGROUPs.

      George started my commercial construction company with $2,000 in the bank and built it into a $50,000,000 business in only 7 years. Along the way he struggled with the same issues you likely face including making enough profit to justify the stress and strain of owning a company. Finally, he woke up and figured out how to stop working so many hours and get his business to work. By implementing his ‘BIZ-BUILDER BLUEPRINT Action Plan’ George was able to take control of his business, improve margins, build a management team to run the company, install written field and project management systems, enjoy the benefits of owning a business that works, and build wealth. He will show you how to do this!

      When he ran his construction company, people often asked George how he had so much time to speak at conventions, coach companies, write books, own a company, and manage 250,000 square feet of commercial investment properties. It was because he was living the “American Dream.” He started and built a business that worked without him being there full time, allowed him to develop great customers and focus on wealth building and development opportunities.

      By Attending The Boot Camp Workshop You’ll

      George’s Life Purpose Statement: Help Construction Business Owners & Managers Achieve Their Goals!

      “Give me 2 days and I’ll show you how to become a ‘Best In Class’ ‘High-Margin’ Contractor,
      get organized, manage like a pro, find better customers & make more $$$$!” George Hedley

      George Hedley
      Speaking @ World Of Concrete
      (23 Years In A Row)

      By Attending The Boot Camp Workshop You’ll

      Implement The “BIZ-BUILDER BLUEPRINT” BIZ-PLAN To Get Your BIZ To Work!

      By Attending The Boot Camp Workshop You’ll

      In this interactive intense 2 ½ day hands-on workshop for construction business owners
      and managers, George Hedley will share how to always make a profit, get your BIZ to
      grow with high margins, win jobs you want at your price, get organized and in-control
      of your company, get your people to do what you want them to do, create goals and
      action plans, get your business to work like a machine, and enjoy the benefits
      and freedom of owning a successful “Best In Class” company.

      Profit, Wealth, Equity, Opportunity, Freedom, & Fun!

      Bonus Reason To Attend!

      You’ll receive the Hardhat Templates & BIZ-Tools Catalog FREE with over 100 of George’s invaluable working excel spreadsheets, templates & PDF checklists contractors use to track, organize & manage their BIZ. (Value $735.)


      Your Commitment:

      Invest your time, energy, and active participation from start to finish. We want construction business owners and managers who are winners, doers, achievers, and entrepreneurs. We want people who are not afraid of letting go so they can grow their business, make lots of profit and get wealthy. We want people who make it happen, think big and can make decisions. And have a positive attitude. Does that sound like you?

      By Attending The Boot Camp Workshop You’ll
      By Attending The Boot Camp Workshop You’ll

      Qualifications To Attend:

      This is not for everyone! This workshop is designed for owners, partners, key managers,
      project managers, general superintendents, estimators, supervisors & emerging leaders
      of construction companies, general contractors, subcontractors, or service contractors
      ready to dedicate time and resources required to move their company to a higher level.

      No exceptions! Don’t waste your time if you aren’t willing or ready to change how you do business, implement written systems, hold people accountable, hire the right people,
      add structure, use financial scorecards, grow, or find better customers.

      BIZ-BUILDER Boot Camp Workshop – Details & Logistics

      LOCATION – The Boot Camp workshop location will be held at a hotel or meeting room near the airport. We do not hold, block, or guarantee rooms for attendees. You’re responsible for your own airfare, hotel, parking, ground transportation, breakfast & dinner. We’ll give you some hotel ideas after your register. We provide coffee, water, soft drinks, and lunch.


      • See Boot Camp Announcement (On Website Event Page Or Hedlines E-Newsletter) For Location & Dates
      • After Registering We’ll Email You:
      • More Details of the Hotel & Meeting Room Location
      • The Boot Camp PDF Workbook to Print & Bring to Workshop
      • Pre-Boot Camp Preparation Materials to get ready for the Boot Camp
      • Hardhat Template Package to Download to your Laptop computer
      • Bring your loaded laptop as we’ll refer to these templates during the workshop

      AGENDA – 2 ½ Day Boot Camp Workshop

      • Pre- Boot Camp Day
        1. Afternoon – 1 on 1 BIZCOACH 90 Minute Meeting Available with George – Pre-Arrange (Extra Fee)
        2. 5:30pm to 6:30 – Pre-Boot Camp Evening Meet & Greet Reception – Meet In Lobby Bar To Meet George & Get To Know Your Fellow Attendees
      • 7:45am Sign-In For Boot Camp Day 1
      • 8:00am to 4:30pm Boot Camp Day 1 – Refreshments & Lunch Included
      • 8:00am to 4:00pm Boot Camp Day 2 – Refreshments & Lunch Included
      • 8:00am to 12:00pm Boot Camp Day 3 – Please Don’t Leave Early As Courtesy To Other Attendees
      • 2 – 3 Weeks Post Boot Camp – Group Zoom Session Boot Camp Follow-Up

      Once you sign up, please don’t cancel as only a limited number can attend. Plan to arrive on time, ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work. You’ll be expected to attend sessions and not leave early, as other attendees will be counting on you for participation.

      JOIN US

      Register Today

      Early Bird Special Discount

        To GUARANTEE Your REGISTRATION – Complete your online registration, payment & credit card information to reserve your spot.

        If WE cancel 45 days prior to the event, you’ll receive 100% refund.  If YOU cancel with 45 Days advance notice, you’ll receive a 100% refund.  If you do not attend, you’ll be fully charged without refund, but we can apply charges to future BIZCOACH services or products for 1 year.



        BIZ-BUILDER Ticket Includes
        Added Attendee
        2 ½ Day Boot-Camp
        Detailed Boot-Camp Workbook (Value $100)
        Copy Of George’s Book (Value $40)
        Hardhat BIZ-Builder Bundle Template Package (Value $735)
        Boot-Camp Follow-Up Group Zoom Session (Value $247)
        1 Year Email Follow-Up with George (Value $147)
        Pre Boot-Camp Reception, Lunch & Refreshments

        PRO-BUILDER Ticket - Additional Extras

        - Hardhat BIZSCHOOL 5 Course Premier Package Plus (Value $597)
        - Pre Boot-Camp 90 Min. BIZCOACH Zoom Session with George (Value $763)

        PROFIT-BUILDER Ticket - Additional Extra

        - BIZ-BUILDER BIZCOACH Zoom Session Package
        - 6 Zoom Sessions With George (Value $5,547)

        Earlybird Pricing Available through Sept 23rd! Order Today to lock in those prices!

        Boot Camp Prices

        Standard Price
        Early-Bird (& Current Client) Discount Price
        Discount Price After Early Bird Deadline
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